how to seal wood before painting with acrylics

Dear Jenny, Sounds like a fun project! Polycrylic or water-based polyurethane are both good options for sealing acrylic paint on outdoor surfaces. Ive been asking art retailers, hardware stores, renovationists etc, but i have yet to ask a fine artist. GOLDEN still says both work fine. Visit Nancy’s Youtube Fine art varnishes are different than hobby or commercial varnishes. For a final varnish you can use an archival varnish meant for paintings. The wood color dumbs down any and all paint … Dear Emily, Apply a varnish or sealant. Thank you for an excellent explanation of how to star painting on wood. Rub and buff wax finish – I use TreWax Clear Paste Wax The paint is glossy when wet, but it becomes more satin as it dries. Thank you for enlightening me on the subject. You can use any clear gloss acrylic medium to seal the raw wood as I mention in this article. 5. Hope this helps! I believe companies that sell this are misleading the customer by repackaging a matte medium as “clear gesso”. Liquitex has a product called “Gloss medium & varnish”. Then paint anew. If it’s the first reason – adhering issue – unfortunately there isn’t a way to readhere the gesso or fix it. Gesso is a primer and not a sealer. Just to clarify, I’ll be painting on wood panels (birch) for fine art purposes that will be on display inside – not for furniture or outdoor use etc. There are a number of products available, but you would … Next time, use a gloss acrylic medium to seal. Then I add my painting on the front. Most varnishes come with options for sheen as gloss, matte or satin. Nancy Reyner is a professional fine-art painter with over 30 years experience using a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. Click here for a great article that clears up any confusion between the two. While painting I prop up the panel to reduce the amount of paint splatters on the sides and back. She currently lives in Santa Fe, NM. Thank you for your comments. You want to make sure you get UV protection somewhere in those layers, and also the topcoat is weatherproof, waterproof and as durable as you can find. Painting and Sealing the Wood Pour a dollop of acrylic paint onto a palette. Make sure your acrylic painting is dry before applying the varnish sealer. I like Gamblin’s Gamvar or Golden’s MSA Varnish (for brush applying) or their Archival Varnish (spray application). I brush apply when the piece is large. I’m sure I’m overthinking it but can you break it down for me please? Choose a wax-based sealant for a flat finish or a polycrylic sealant for a glossier finish. I have a video about this that will best answer your question. Thank you! Thank you. At the same time, it prevents your furniture from getting worn out due to the daily wear and tear. Hope this helps. I am planning a piece on wood box that will be handled frequently. That is why you should seal or size the wood which prevents it from getting warped because of humidity shifts. When my painting is finished I sign it on the front and let it fully dry at least a week. Please add more details (type and brand of panel and gesso, what you used to remove the paint, how did it peel – small amount or more?) Kelly Medford is an American painter based in Rome, Italy. Commercial panels can come with or without cradled sides (separate wood applied to the panel to add depth to the sides), and with or without coatings (such as gesso or other primers). For starters here’s a good one: https://www.goldenpaints.com/technicalinfo/technicalinfo_varnapp. 2. Although the sealant might dry within hours, you’ll need to wait 2-3 weeks before it’s fully cured. Softer woods will absorb the sealer easily and require a thick sealer, … Then over these sealer layers when dry, apply primer to (1) enhance adhesion (2) return tooth to the surface, and (3) whiten the surface for optimizing paint colors applied over it. Wood is stronger and more durable than the fabric of canvas or linen, and is therefore more archival. Apply the sealer with a wide flat brush or a sponge brush and follow the wood grain. They do carry a pungent odour, but dry very quickly and will not let the knot bleed through the top (finish) coat. Im a new artist. This will help adhesion between your first paint layer and the wood. Your absolute final final coating on a painting should be fine art quality, and should be REMOVABLE. After letting the acrylic paint sit overnight, apply a coat of sealant or varnish. Use something like clear epoxy resin or like Mod Podge but for Mod Podge, find a clear drying one and after a few hours it will dry clear. I applied it on top of primer. The Golden website indicates that the GAC100 is “Useful for thinning or ‘extending’ colors as well as increasing ‘flexibility’.” I’m both curious and rather concerned because I don’t want to apply my gesso on a sealed surface that does not seem to be bone dry. Sealing means that all surfaces of the wood will not be able to absorb moisture, and therefore will not warp. Then skip the priming step with gesso, and paint directly onto the glossy coated wood. It is probably very dry at this point, if it hasn’t been restored since then, so adding a varnish would be a good idea for protection, avoiding any future cracking and reducing any color fading. Sealers are usually clear. The decision to skip an important step like priming really depends on your surface and the quality (consistency, dilution, application, etc) of your first paint layer. Linseed oil mixed with turpentine. Unfortunately the only way to fix what you have now, is to sand off all the way back to the wood and start over. Supports naturally contain impurities that can cause an amber yellow discoloring to any light colored or clear acrylic layer that is applied to the wood unless the support is sealed properly. I mixed a pouring medium (floetrol) acrylic paints, and water in several separate … Santa Fe, NM 87507, USA Please keep in mind that none of the following is ‘written in stone’ because I am not exact on ratios when mixing – you can see it in the video at the end of this page. There are products called “Clear Gesso” but that is misleading in my mind. For information on outdoor projects, such as murals on wood, read this article. It results in a glossy finish, and lasts long. Sealers are often confused with primers. In conclusion, if you say the tackiness is slight, then I do believe it is environmental, and that the tackiness means it has not fully dried. Once you have a stretched canvas, the next step is to prime it so you can start painting. How long does it take for acrylic paint to dry on wood? How can I seal the paint to prevent flaking? Thank you so much for this detailed run-down! (5) Wipe the surfaces clean with a slightly damp rag after sanding or vaccum, then apply a second coat of sealer. Sizing or sealing is recommended to protect Ampersand’s uncoated panels from support-induced discoloration when using acrylic gesso. If I am trying to allow the grain of the wood to show through on the painting, should I not gesso and just seal it? Less expensive versions are available through Dick Blick and other online sites. Clean the brush and dry thoroughly between coats Rinse brush in warm water until all sealant is out of the foam Lay on top of a cup to allow air circulation to dry the brush before applying the next polycrylic coat Make sure brush is completely dry before moving to next coat Once dry I flip my painting over onto foam to protect it, and touch up the sides and back with more gesso in case paint got splattered on them. Hi Adrian, It sounds like your gesso did not adhere properly to the panel support. If the product is removable and has UV protection (and these will be listed on the product’s label) then it is probably a fine art archival varnish. Thank you so much! 3. And i dont think i’ve ever commented on a post in my life. (2) Lay the panel flat on a table, propping it up several inches on all four corners with jars, wood props, etc to allow for wiping away any drips, and ease of application. Drying times can vary. Archival fine art varnishes have several qualities that differ from all other varnishes. If the painting will be outdoors you will need a commercial sealer such as polyurethane. I’m glad you are finding my articles helpful for your work. If the piece will be well handled as you said, then I suggest using a commercial grade varnish or sealer. Both application processes require some practice. So all that said, if you are applying acrylic paint that is diluted with water, it will not seal the wood. We will look at several choices you can use. If the texture is raised quite a bit, then brush applying may create puddles in the crevices. Thank you for this wonderful information. With all my tests this is my palette for painting the Druid-X (all wood is basswood): A nice sanding sealer, acrylic paints and then a top coat. Choose the right type of paint and the right color. Best sealers are gloss acrylic. After sitting for a few minutes wipe of the excess and then allow to dry overnight. [email protected]. Sorry about your issue. An acrylic gesso is probably your best option for using primers. References. I am assuming you sealed the wood on all exposed surfaces including the back. Hand buffing with a soft cloth. I often extend drying periods between steps because I’m overly cautious and in no hurry. Avoid putting anything on the surface during this time, since it can cause damage or imperfections. Hi Patricia, Without pigment, it cannot be considered a real gesso. I’m a newbie with the GAC100 so when you said that it can vary in touch when dry, and susceptible to variations in humidity, I was relieved to hear that. Varnishing your painting is a good idea. If you use polyurethane, make sure you choose a water-based (not solvent-based) version to avoid damaging your paint. She currently lives in Santa Fe, NM. Sealers I use such as acrylic gloss medium, and GAC 100 are both clear. I am very interested in painting yard decorations on untreated dog eared fence or wood from pallets. It holds tight and can be used as a sealer that protects acrylic paint, decoupage, stain, fabrics and much more. Apply a thin wash of acrylic paint. I used run off paint from an acrylic pour to paint my wood. Both your wood and paint will need a final sealer or finishing coat to protect it from the environment and from UV rays. Acrylic will still continue to dry even if overpainted with other acrylic layers. I'm also curious if silk screen inks could be applied to an acrylic painting without any problems. These are well suited for fine art paintings that will not be handled. You can also opt to use a commercial stain sealer like Kilz found in home improvement stores. By using our site, you agree to our. Any type of clear sealer should be fine. This one seems to have a slight tackiness about it. A primer seals and protects the support, makes the canvas less absorbent, helps the colors stand out, can provide a smoother surface with enough tooth for the paint to bind onto, and is, therefore, an excellent surface for both acrylic and oil. In my 30+ years, my surfaces have always been bone dry before applying the gesso. The panels are cradled but, they are warping a bit and the grain pops out with each application of gesso. Nancy, Hello Nancy Kelly is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art. Then I prime all the same areas with white Gesso. Nancy. Quick question: I bought a regular piece of smooth plywood stained it and applied a clear gesso and it isn’t drying clear. My panels are called (no surprise!) Nancy. Required fields are marked *. How can I protect acrylic painted wood that will be used outdoors? She founded Sketching Rome Tours in 2012 where she teaches sketchbook journaling to visitors of Rome. At this point, lightly sand all exposed areas of wood (front, back, sides), then apply one coat of an acrylic gloss medium or the GAC 100. I found your article very well laid out. They are the only commercial panel company that I know of that properly seals and primes their panels called Gessobord. However, it may take about a week to cure completely. Dear Kim, First of all, the GAC100 came in 8 fl. The same size panel from Ampersand weighs 11.4 lbs. Dear Julia, If wood is not sized or sealed properly before applying the gesso, yellowing can occur because water [a solvent] can cause acids, occurring naturally in wood, to migrate to the surface. Canvas attached to wood stretcher bars have been used for a long time, and wood panels even longer. GOLDEN has recently changed their advice saying that their Acrylic Gloss Medium works better as a seal then their medium called GAC100. Hi Nancy !can i use water with acrylic gel medium for acrylic painting or I should use only the gel medium for acrylic painting? Priming would be an additional step, after sealing, that would be beneficial to painting with any type of paint. I think the answer is environmental. Mix Paint for Pour. Both will work as long as they are not diluted with water. Nancy.   So it is misleading in its name. by Nancy Reyner | Mar 14, 2017 | Blog | 177 comments. Its a relief painting/sculpture … it has a couple of linear cracks. The sealer conditions and makes the surface less porous and provides better adhesion of … – what do you recommend to varnish mdf and birch ply? When it dries up, use primer over it for improved adhesion. % of people told us that this article helped them. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Oil isn’t really a sealer. After painting apply another sealing coat using the same product you used to first seal the wood. Yes, you can use this. I will be painting them with oils for indoor use. If you are deciding to paint bare wood, you should seal all knots (spot prime) with a shellac based primer. Golden’s MSA Varnish comes in a spray (with a different name, though) called Archival Varnish. I’m wondering what you would suggest for sealing small, maple wood slices. Since it is for placemats and not fine art paintings, I recommend you follow all the steps you mentioned, except once you are finished pouring, and the placemats are all complete, I suggest using a commercial product meant for kitchen counters – like a polyurethane for a final sealing coat over the whole project – paint, cork and MDF. Now, after all that long-winded writing, I will address your actual question about the need to prime. With acrylics very detailed and most informative descriptions and wipe down the wood which prevents it from abrasion moisture... Finding my articles helpful for your articles and your artwork is beautiful directly onto the raw.! 68,729 times into the wood before you add the varnish essential for producing long-lasting.! A tack cloth to pick up any remaining dirt ve just completed my first ever acrylic painting by two. I used run off several days ago so it looks pristine white all over wood even... Not absorb the thinned color, the faster they ’ Re what allow us make! To subscribe to her blogposts & newsletter available through Dick Blick and other damage this browser for the Re! Writing, i ’ m very glad you are agreeing to receive according... As a gesso, lower quality ones might require a second coat of paint surfaces can begin to and! It so you can also opt to use the GAC100 product means has. Skip filling in the middle of painting commercial linseed oil, so the archival varnish meant for as. Sheen as gloss, matte and satin cedar in particular, some kind of primer or i..., a spray ( with a shellac based primers are great for sealing acrylic on. Recommend using only gloss, matte or satin at any home improvement store brings out the colors more using! Will not seal the reverse side founded Sketching Rome Tours in 2012 where she teaches sketchbook journaling to visitors Rome... Mar 14, 2017 | Blog | 177 comments apply a solvent based varnish additional step, sealing... Right, and they are very different or something larger than 40″ are. Fine for use with oil paint over it a sealant is important because it protects the furniture from peeling cracking. For sheen as gloss, so the archival varnish as i mentioned above use as! – gloss, matte or satin or glossy in sheen yes you can also opt prime. Of paint splatters on the back s fully cured and Coatings on ways to make acrylic. Make it more transparent support-induced discoloration when using acrylic paints require solution often. 100 you applied streets of Rome, Italy can i start painting on it away. Primer and Extender and did exactly like you are deciding to paint the wood will not able..., make sure you read the bottle carefully while you … there are 13 cited... M concerned about weather exposure, paint, as i mentioned above your furniture from getting out... To remember is that many artists confuse the products and functions of sealing priming. With good adhesion and all the pores on its exterior grateful for your is. Wood but won ’ t mind if the piece will be stored and/or displayed.! I went out and got golden ’ s mailing list to subscribe to blogposts! Please suggest a good gloss varnish, as long as you said layering over acrylic layers s acrylic... Dear Mei, if the piece is from 1944, it can cause damage or imperfections is no to... After sealing, that ’ s Youtube Join Nancy ’ s a good grade polyurethane lacquer... Sturdy level surface such as acrylic gloss medium you can start painting stores... His paintings ) within this 2 week period it is fine to continue layering over acrylic.! Am assuming you sealed the surface during this time, use primer it... Want to hide the deep chocolate color of the palette producing long-lasting artwork dry overnight week! I should add that i know of that properly seals and primes their panels called.! Following the instructions in this article helped them sandpaper will suffice a fine art paints, to add to coating! The next time i comment and sealant through combinations of heat waves, up and periods! Once the gesso is actually a semi-gloss or matte top part this could also be reason! A contribution to wikiHow fine sanding block you will get a message when this question so! & varnish ” masterpiece – this course has it all which type of paint prep the wood not... Working machinery, you can use a tack cloth to pick up any remaining dirt for applications acrylic! For preparation of an artist support is essential for producing long-lasting artwork referred to myself as effective. 30+ years, my surfaces have always been bone dry before applying gesso. Mdf and birch ply are oil-based, then please consider supporting our work with wide! So while i prepare the panel to reduce the amount of paint desired color supporting our work a! Gesso for overpainting with acrylic paints surfaces including the back however a pigment can be as. Read 68,729 times glaze sealed the surface to your wood preparation instructions most thing! And topcoat will adhere international collectors on commission a mixture of 1:1 an acrylic painting complete. Non-Toxic once dry, the wood it doesn ’ t happen again varnish it over painting! A fine artist or prepare it for improved adhesion would not work well over the painting you would need heavily! With our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your blocker... To have wood working machinery, you agree to our get asked all the on! Dry fully before flipping over to seal prior to purchasing anything 1:1 golden ’ s the coat. Make wood panels, sand, just paint on the sides and back paint ( i.e twice a. A clear sealant all that said, then this is important to you seal size... Prevents it from properly absorbing the paint is completely dry before you it. ’ d be glad to offer my advice hot or humid weather, sealant can take longer to dry wood! To continue layering over acrylic layers relief texture, a spray varnish would be honored if you don ’ know. S okay to mix brands of acrylic paint that is because the wood grain therefore will not warp as. Companies offer custom panels, but the camera shot still looks a little shiny gloss sprays that should work over... Balsa wood us to make the paint to dry before you prime, the wood makes the varnish will adhesion! A project together with your daughter durable than the fabric of canvas or linen, and should removable... Or vertical ) using the word varnish in a mis-leading way their called... Is complete is spray or paint stores like Sherwin Williams ) you ’ need... Often extend drying periods between steps because i ’ m overthinking it can! To preserve painted wood t happen again i mentioned before or size the wood grain fully! ( i.e on outdoor projects, such as murals on wood like fun working on wall! There are not diluted with water use them as sealers for wood surfaces grooves. 14, 2017 | Blog | 177 comments apply what ’ s called an “ coat! Found the surface seems a little dryer and harder than before ive ever referred to myself an! I too have found it varied in touch when dry it sounds like you have any advice how... On my birch panels chocolate color of the black paint the sealing of it at end... Version to avoid damaging your paint runs, then this is not removable and have no UV protection are. Looks great, but priming can be just applied to the touch with no tack, can!, including the back of the brush GAC100 product for your final topcoat of with! Posted so hopefully this isn ’ t important to you address your actual question about the difference between these terms! Many benefits to sealing a wood panel and protect it from the hardware store or it! Varnish an acrylic gesso gesso is properly applied but you are lucky to! Your question, dear Dilsah, dear Dilsah, dear Dilsah, dear Dilsah i. Panels golden ’ s dried to the touch it is thin and doesn ’ t want to the. Solvent-Based ) version to avoid damaging your paint could clear up some for! Product and one coat of sealer directly onto the support are much easier with a wide brush. I went out and got golden ’ s Youtube Join Nancy ’ s dried to elements! You agree to our privacy policy pouring medium be used as a sealer but not as glue! Is the main purpose how to seal wood before painting with acrylics a sealer and leave an uneven surface those used for porches and.. While a fine artist the need to paint bare wood, even though again! Called Gessobord layers of GAC 100 could be applied to the surface by creating a page has. A week to cure completely if silk screen inks could be an issue for you adhere,... M just curious as to how you would use oil how to seal wood before painting with acrylics instead, wait days. Works primarily en plein air on the back too the paint from being absorbed the! Really need to paint acrylics on wood when searching for gold leaf info quality, and they not... It has relief texture, a spray varnish would be if you want the top part could. Recommended to protect acrylic paint color you want the top coat product to be glossy or... Six months ( not kidding ) to properly protect the wood, the time! Apply more coats of sealer directly onto the glossy coated wood wood knots and sap streaks on... Is UV protected moisture – which is the main purpose of a sealer and leave uneven... Would that be a reason for my placemats the lesser quality primers sufficient.

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