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It includes advice, articles and webinars on a range of everyday topics, direct access to counselling and subject matter experts and specialists. Please note: As part of our COVID-19 action plan, it is imperative that all other non-sickness or COVID-19 related absences are recorded in OPMS on the day. Where practically possible these should take place in person (applying social distancing requirements). Sellafield Ltd domestic abuse contacts added during Covid-19, Collaborating at home document and updated IT FAQS added, Additonal 'My Contribution' section added. working in isolation – can the work be carried out without contact with others? The Prime Minister announced that schools are to close for all except those of key workers and vulnerable children, with the government releasing an official full list of who falls into this category. There are lots of other useful sources of information. DropBox, GoogleDrive, Microsoft Office365), Sellafield data is to be deleted from the machine as soon as practicable. Mental Health Champions are a point of contact for an employee who is experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress, helping the person get appropriate help, and also provide early intervention for someone who may be developing a mental health issue. does the individual carry out statutory maintenance, tests or analysis? The holder of this letter is a critical infrastructure worker serving an essential business. If English isn’t your first language you can ask for a telephone interpreter or ask someone you know to do it for you. ... Last Thursday, a classification list of key workers was published by the UK government. These cover what you should do if you are having suicidal thoughts yourself, as well as if you are worried about someone else. North gate and WAMAC are both closed. The BBC coronavirus pages don’t just contain the latest news. Updated Health and Safety Working Arrangements at Hinton and Allday House during COVID-19 pandemic for stage 3 key workers. Within the restart conversation the line manger should consider if there are any reasonable adjustments to be considered and if there is requirement for input from HR or OCH department. As part of our business continuity response to the ongoing situation with coronavirus we have been looking at different options to ensure that essential employees and contracting community have options to get to their place of work. How do I manage information marked OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE? The form should be submitted to the operations cell inbox. The absence hotlines will be available between the hours of 8:10am – 4:20pm. 29 March 2020 at 7:11PM in Coronavirus support and help. version of this document in a more accessible format, please email, Exemption from isolation following international travel arrangements, Guidance for line managers on applying for travel exemptions, Interim home and remote working guidance during COVID-19, Pay issues and policy/procedure changes update, Advice for clinically extremely vulnerable and clinically vulnerable employees, Restarting more work - How we’re agreeing which new work to start, Key worker definition for Sellafield Ltd and supply chain employees, My Contribution - Making Connections Count, Map to show new entry point to Hinton House, Health and safety working arrangements at Hinton House, Employee Time and Absence Recording Guidance, Occupational Health service provision - Sellafield sites, Annual Leave Carry-Over Alteration Form 2020/2021, Keeping our workers safe during lockdown - Warrington Offices, Covid-19 - Employee time and absence recording guidance, albion.square.reception@sellafieldsites.com. Coronavirus/COVID-19 Letter to Inform Employees of Key Worker Status This document creates a letter which can be issued to employees to inform them of their status as a Key Worker during the 2019 Coronavirus Pandemic/COVID-19. Letter of support for key workers. Calls to 0808 80 numbers are free to call from landlines and mobile phones within the UK and do not appear on itemised bills. These workers' jobs are … Business Partners. Updated RHA letter for haulage key workers Updated RHA letter for haulage key workers The RHA has released an updated copy of a letter for employees in the haulage industry who have been identified as key workers amidst the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Key workers are people whose jobs are vital to public health and safety during the coronavirus lockdown. just waiting on some heavy weight policeman to stop me . ( you can find details re DSE assessment here). Line manager identifies that, during the 14 days following the individuals return to the UK, they will be unable to meet their legal obligations. To ensure our employees are supported during these challenging times, we have introduced some additional Employee Assistance Programme resources. The NPA has created a template letter for members to prove you and your employees are key workers, if challenged by the police. Instant Dentist. You’ll need to request a letter from your responsible government department confirming you are exempt and you may be asked to present this to officials at UK border controls. Windows 10 users will have to share their Bit-Locker password (the 1st password login) for the device to allowed shared use of 1 device, this has temporarily been accepted by the company. Sellafield employees, including apprentices and even those who are recently retired can continue to access our own programme. During these unprecedented and difficult times weare keen to ensure friends, colleagues and employees are aware of the ongoing support available. Line manager completes form– Request for exemption from travel restrictions. 20 March 2020. View all. The form should be submitted to the operations cell inbox. can the work, maintenance, testing or analysis be delayed until after the 14 day self-isolation period? It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. consider your travel to work and weather conditions – are you prepared? If working from home, you should continue to time book to “Normal Working Hours”; however, if there are large parts of the day when you are unable to work due to caring responsibilities then you should book the remainder of this time to “family / domestic distress”. If you already have an account, use your existing log in details and scroll down the page and select the My Contribution area. check if your training is up to date – is there anything you need refreshed or reminded on? It is hard to provide guidance for all employees on the best way to work from home – some people will benefit from the routine and structure of the working day, whereas others will prefer working at quieter times or where there are less distractions. Email: info@mensadviceline.org.uk or visit their website Mens Advice Line. You’ll need to enter your email address and select a password. They also have a lot of help and guidance. Springfield provide domestic abuse support services in South Lakeland. Contribution: do they feel they have the right tools to deliver (tasks and actions), Look forward: is there anything that is concerning them over the coming day(s), Feedback: are there any further areas of support required from the line manager/company. Waste sector employees were granted key worker status by the government last week, but it has been unclear to many as to whether this extends to every sector within the industry or merely a select few. For those with children needing to go to school, the BSIA has produced a ‘letter template for schools’. Find in your local team, address potential hazards and how you can fix these; bring out where you are unsure on tasks and help others in the team to be safe and secure. Employees who have access to the Sellafield Ltd IT network can access our EDI hub. If so how will you manage lone working arrangements? The employee assistance programme is not only there for employees requiring emotional support for illnesses and crisis, such as mental health problems or bereavements. Key worker testing Death in service As you are aware, schools remain closed and will not being opening until at the earliest on 1 June with a phased approach and are currently only open to those whose parents are classed as ‘key workers’. National Domestic Violence Helpline: Tel: 0808 2000 247 (24-hour free phone service for women provided by Refuge and Women’s Aid). Category 6 cannot work from home or remotely, but is available to do so, For day workers, a day a month is deducted, For 5DDD workers, a day for every 5 weeks is deducted, For 7DDD workers, a day for every 9 weeks is deducted, Workplace compliant with social distancing measures, ensuring that workplace is set up for employee’s restart with appropriate governance in place, Aligned with BRAG stages of key workers, decision made from coordinated recovery cell regarding approach of restart, This will be a high-level conversation, outlining expected date and explaining the process for employee restart, Line managers should also check on the welfare of the employee and understand if the individual has any pressing concerns regarding their restart, Line managers should agree date and time with the employee to complete pre-restart conversation, This conversation focusses on understanding employee’s current circumstances, aligned with whether they have been self-isolating (symptoms and/or vulnerable condition), company isolation or working from home, If employees (or household members) have had symptoms of COVID-19 the line manager should check the duration of self-isolation. The important thing is that people find a way of working that is right for them and ensures they’re able to do what they need to. Guidance for line managers can be found in the chapter below. The service is available 24 hours a day, every day. health physics surveys, maintenance status, scaffold tags, are alarms operational etc. make sure your devices and software are fully up-to-date with software and security patches All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need a As you’ll need to verify your email address, please ensure you use one which you have access to. have appropriate tasks been carried out before tasks begin (e.g. We are still seeing people car sharing. Key worker status - evidence letter. The individual must provide dates and destination of travel. The definition of key worker will be flexible and dependant on the circumstance and requirements over the course of this critical period. The BBC also have their own mental health guidance pages. Analysing the current provision of key worker housing in Guernsey and the associated costs. This includes our network of mental health champions, who might not be available or might be dealing with unusual circumstances of their own. Warrington Women’s Aid is a charity supporting adults and children experiencing domestic abuse. The Freedom Project helpline (West Cumbria): Tel: 07712 117986. Safety Net is a specialist organisation that supports the recovery of those affected by rape, exploitation, domestic and sexual abuse in Cumbria. Password: Password123@. We also use non-essential cookies to help us improve our websites. It is one list for the UK and includes Wales and … Key workers will be exempt from new working from home rules during England's new national lockdown. The app is operated by Aviva who provide the NDA Group Employee Assistance Programme. A full list of the individuals considered key workers can be found here. The group can provide peer-to-peer support and signpost people to other routes for advice and guidance on issues they might face. • secure your device with a unique password/code/phrase Staff at Springfield are trained in all aspects of the support needed, including understanding mental health, drug and alcohol issues, the dynamics and effects of domestic abuse, suicide prevention, the benefits system, assessing and managing risk, and support planning. The Government has announced that schools in England will be closed from the end of today (Friday 20th March) for all but a limited number of children. Enter your new password twice as instructed, Confirm new password by clicking ‘Submit’. Calls are confidential unless Care First believe there is a risk of serious harm to yourself or anyone else. Security Operating Procedures for Information Communications and Technology, iso.service.operations@sellafieldsites.com, FastPass – How to Reset your Windows Password, guide to looking after yourselves and others during COVID-19, Health and safety working arrangements at Allday House, Self-isolating after returning to the UK: your employment rights, Results summary of COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Civil Service Departments, Guidance to parents and guardians: when you should book a coronavirus test for your child, Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support, Transparency and freedom of information releases, Review and endorsement of requests at operations cell, Stopped (Line Manager) through the OMPA form (standard practice), All automatic payments stop from the 01 Jul 2020 - employees to confirm continuation if still travelling (email to NSBS helpdesk), Booking to self or company isolation (can’t work from home) codes, or domestic for more than one month will result in adjustment. The government has made clear its commitment that education and childcare settings should be prioritised to remain open during coronavirus (COVID-19). If the employee (or household member) is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and have not met the appropriate self-isolation periods they should not restart work, In addition, if the employee falls into one of the vulnerable categories, they should follow government guidelines and not restart work, Line managers should also complete check in conversation to check on employee’s well-being and any concerns that they may have regarding restarting work, See Appendix 1 (attached at the end of this section) for ‘pre-restart conversation’ proforma, Line managers should complete restart conversation with all employees, regardless of whether they have been self-isolating, company isolation, sick leave (relating to COVID-19) or working from home, The intention of this conversation is to ensure that the employee is both physically and mentally fit to restart work. With lots of our employees now working from home, it’s more difficult to access some of our usual welfare and wellbeing services. In addition, they also have: In the meantime, we need to maintain our focus on performance management. Calls to this number may appear on your phone bill so ensure it is safe to call and that calling will not put you in danger now or in the future. For those of you who have access to the NDA estate-wide The Hub, the Mental Health Champions are setting up a group there to facilitate communication and support. self-Isolating, state if you are pregnant, vulnerable, or over 70 years old. Updated IT support FAQs and pay policy procedures. if you’re working from home, is your desk set up correctly? Line manager completes the form – Request for exemption from travel restrictions. There will be flexibility shown on the definition of key workers to ensure all those who need support receive it. Gov.uk explains: “Parents whose work is critical to the COVID-19 response include those who work in health and social care and in other key sectors outlined below. They also run a weekly survivors support group every Thursday 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The duty director forwards the signed form (or approval within email) to the operations cell inbox. Our Warrington offices have their own risk assessments which are aligned to and expand on the Enterprise Risk Assessment. Considering the role of, and need for, key worker housing. Key workers in Scotland. The government has published a list of key workers whose children can still go to school if they cannot be looked after at home. This contains a lot of information, advice and guidance on a range of subjects including coronavirus and mental health. If there is less than 2 working days until the individual is required to attend work, the request should be sent directly to the duty director for approval. check in with colleagues – those working on site and those working from home, so everyone is clear on what we’re here to do. If someone is requested to come into work for the duration of their normal working hours we would expect that they are fully used and they would therefore book to “Normal Working Hours”. Pursuant to Government Agency Directive/ Proclamation, ABC Company is a critical infrastructure supplier to the area/location, designated by the Directive / Proclamation whose operations provide essential services. (does not require network access). If a team member contacts you outside of the core hours and the individual does not have a home email address, you must email absence.reporting@sellafieldsites.com on the individual’s behalf. The list of essential workers is the same as the one used to allow the children of key workers to carry on going to school ... Local and national government. Those working within food production, and those caring for animal health and welfare in particular, are considered by Government to be key workers, performing essential tasks. lock your devices when not in use. Critical Covid-19 response sectors in more detail This is how the Government … The plea from the Scottish Government and COSLA comes as further guidance on key workers is published. Calls from industry continue for ‘key worker’ status clarification. Return. The coronavirus pandemic has led to lots of changes to how we live our lives. Gov.scot uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. Visit www.eap-carefirst.com using the login details: listen to the questions from the 999 operator, respond by coughing or tapping the handset if you can, this lets the 999 call operator know it’s a genuine emergency and you’ll be put through to the police. If there is more than 2 working days until the individual is required to attend work, the request should be considered as a planned request and the above process followed. We aim to make our service accessible to everyone. Coronavirus (COVID-19): letter from Minister Hall to hotels on providing accommodation to support key workers and vulnerable people Letter regarding the … Line manager is notified via email (from operations cell inbox) that exemption has been approved and an exemption letter is issued to the individual. The Sellafield family network is a voluntary group of Sellafield employees which works to support families. check any risk assessment you are working to is in date and is still correct. • ensure the device is running current and up to date anti-virus / security solution (Such as Windows Defender) (Sellafield Ltd will not fund this), Sellafield data is not to be stored on any personal cloud service (e.g.

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