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The speakers will break in with use. Wharfedale 220 vs Polk TSi100 Speaker Comparison In this review, we will be comparing specifications of Diamond 220 and TSi100, two Bookshelf cameras from Wharfedale and Polk Audio. I felt there was a significant lack of bass but it was evident that these B&W 685's had massive scale. Don’t forget there is a long break-in period for those speakers, they may sound crappy until they break in or they may go from decent to crappy for a hundred hours or more. Let's have a brief look at the main features of Wharfedale 220 and Polk TSi100 before getting into … How long you want to break in your speakers is one of those audiophile questions that doesn’t necessarily have a right or wrong answer. Please can anyone offer any advice??? Why is that we have to break them in seperately. Discuss: Polk Audio M3II - speakers Sign in to comment. These speakers are truly amazing. Just start listening to your music (as much as you can) at moderate volumes eventually it will break in. That is a psychological effect that is not related to any physical change to the loudspeaker itself. I know the speakers need a break in period and I have a plan to couple them with my Yamaha R-V98 receiver which is my go-to for 2 channel stereo listening. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Or so it would seem. I'm surprised that anyone would think that a speaker or any mechanical part would get to a place where it stops maturing. Speakers and all parts in audio change with humidity and with current changes in the system. I thought that seemed impossibly low, so I contacted them again via their web site and was told the break-in period is 50 hours. Apparently, some manufacturers may use a different type of spider material that requires essentially very little break in. The combination of the Terylene dome tweeter with the three mid-range/low end drivers give the Polk Audio S60 a frequency range of 26Hz–40 kHz with 8 ohms of nominal impedance, 90 dB of sensitivity and with the crossover frequency being set at 2.5 kHz. I laughed and nodded my head in agreement through the whole review. I recently purchased a Polk cs10 center channel to compliment my tsi100 fronts. I think that break in involves heat as much as anything. I personally think speaker break in is electrical AND mechanical. Atleast this is what I did with my speakers. Think of it like vulcanizing. Professional engineers have done tests and found no significant difference between a new and "broke in" speaker. I agree. Not only does the speaker change within the first "breakin" period, but it also matures with age as well as changes every time you play it from a cold start up. but i think our own "adjustment" to the new nuances of sound coming out of the system play an equal role at least in this process. Its to make their speakers look good, and the people who do not buy their speakers do not know how to hear. Thanks :-), My Setup: Denon AVR X3600h, Polk Signature S50 Fronts w/ S30 Center and S15 Rears, LG UBK90 4K Player, TCL 6-Series 65”4k TV. They are excellent in small to mid size rooms and great for casual listening. The result is an entire line of weather-resistant audio products made to fill large outdoor spaces with rich, natural sound. Not any the the human ear would hear anyway. We took the DNA from Polk's instant-classic Monitor Series loudspeakers and re-imagined them for today's audio lover. The materials need to get some heat-cool cycles to stabilize. I decided that maybe I should look to see what speakers I could get that were current and I did look at B&W specifically. Yamaha HTR-5063 I very, very seriously doubt you damaged a driver. ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 vs Polk RTi A1 Speaker Comparison In this review, we will be comparing specifications of Debut 2.0 B6.2 and RTi A1, two Bookshelf cameras from ELAC and Polk Audio. I'll … Having said that, double check your wire connections at the amp end and the speaker end. Its typically the speaker's spider that needs breaking in. Speakers and all parts in audio change with humidity and with current changes in the system. Knowing this, its their chance to bad-mouth other brands that do need break in, by saying there should be no breaking-in. Heat will also change the values of electronic componets. - just an “ON” switch, Please –. I was wondering what was the break-in period for the cs10? I'm hungry for curd & whey..... Bill - on the Hill I'd recommend playing orchestral music to help break them in because of it's deep bass, high frequency content, and dynamics. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 7. More Buying Choices $82.46 (9 … Practicing Curmudgeon & Audio Snob With something as powerful as air pressure, mechanics and sound pressure our speakers are responding to constant change, just as a musical instrument does as it is played. I've asked many designers that I've gotten to meet and almost all agree that break in occurs, and that when they design, they keep 'broken in' drivers on hand for designing use. I've had my cs10 for a few months now...and it sounds better each time its used...bass is more profound and present, mids and highs also improved..I'm a believer in speaker break-in lol. Is that a problem or a benefit? Of course, over time, you may perceive the speakers have changed or improved because you may have adapted to their sound. - Page 2 For proper break in, we generally recommend around 40 to 50 hours of at least mid-level playback before doing any critical listening. Keep the volume constant during this time and make sure the system is playing just loud enough for you to see the cone actually moving back and forth. These are still 5.25-inch woofers, so … A speakers sound certainly changes over time! I believe those manufacturers who claim that break in should not be needed are being sly in their marketing approach. I was playing the latest Depeche Mode album, "Delta Machine" and the frequencies of the synthesisers are so harsh throughout the record and I fear that it may have caused some damage. As they say, "Even my wife comments on it.". So, put me in the 'pro' break-in column on speaker break in. I guess smaller speakers are better and fast reacting and therefore much more room to produce a tighter sound. I wonder how much of what we _might_ be hearing is due to electronic crossover break-in and warm-up, as well as transient interaction effects with the driving amplification? You’re in great shape. So based on these two experts' opinions, I would say that break-in is not required. i also use -at first- something like the Sheffield Labs break-in CD, and leave it on while i am gone. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Price:$229 In my mind Polk audio has been one of the best selling household speaker brand for working class in America, always has been affordable good sounding speaker brand that I can’t go wrong with in any price range. For this reason, we advise our home theater customers to set aside a 10-hour speaker break-in period, sometimes called a “speaker burn-in” using bass-heavy modern music or any of the specialized burn-in signals that are readily available online. A spider and surround that is designed to provide consistent performance for ten years or more, would change its properties in a matter of hours? Let's have a brief look at the main features of Polk Audio RTi A9 and Wharfedale EVO4.4 before getting into our more detailed comparison.

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